Solar energy is rapidly evolving. Solar panels are getting cheaper but the price isn’t the only consideration when it comes to buying panels for your home. If you’re a homeowner contemplating solar panels on your roof or backyard you might be a little overwhelmed with all the choices available. 

Solar panel efficiency continues to improve. High efficiency is desirable because it means you can generate more power with fewer panels.

Home batteries are getting cheaper and more popular. With the sudden growth of electric cars, the cost of batteries has been dropping in price and will continue to get cheaper. Electric cars and home solar batteries use the same type of chemistry. Most of the homes don’t integrate a battery system but that’s starting to change. 

When you pair the battery back up with a home solar system you could in theory stay of the grid. The  solar panels can be used to charge your battery bank and can be used to provide emergency power.

Solar hardware is continuing to get cheaper. Since 2010 the price of solar cells has dropped by 89%. For homeowners, this is great news because the price of home solar systems is dropping.

Be sure to take note of the trends in solar panel homes and do thorough research before making a decision.

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