When you see the rain coming down outside, do you ever think about how your ancestors had to make sure to collect it to have water for their daily use? Rainwater catchment has been a method used by humans throughout history, but with the introduction of indoor plumbing, it has fallen out of use. Some still choose to do it, however.

Their motivation might vary from those concerned with water reserves running low to those that just want to be able to live off the grid, but a simple system is easy to implement if you are just planning on using your water for watering crops or flushing a toilet, but if you are thinking of using it for showers, washing hands or even drinking, then some type of filtration system is needed.

It is important that the water you collect isn’t running off of a surface that has lead paint on it, and the same goes for bird droppings that could carry disease.

Before you decide that you want to try living as your ancestors did, make sure you do the proper research to find out how to do it safely.

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